Hotly tipped songwriter heads to the Highlands...
Callum Beattie

Callum Beattie was born and raised in Edinburgh, a city whose tumbling streets have played host of countless artists over the years.

A singer whose approach feels remarkably assured for someone so young, his astute, fragrant songwriting is blessed with innate imagination.

Debut EP 'We Are Stars' is out today (March 31st), and the feeling of potential is - at times - quite palpable.

Callum suffers from synaesthesia, a condition that blurs the lines between hearing and sight, and this lingers in the background of his work.

He explains: "'We Are Stars' feels yellow to me. But I try to avoid red, if I was writing a song and it started to look a bit red, I’d probably stop writing it. I don’t know why. It could be as simple as red being a sign of danger."

Clash is able to premiere a video for the title cut, and it places Callum Beattie in the Scottish Highlands. In turns ecstatic and brooding, the stunning landscapes in the background match the internal dilemmas of the songwriting.

Check it out now.

'We Are Stars' EP is out now.

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