Eclectic composer signals his return...
Bob Holroyd

Bob Holroyd has built one of the country's more astute catalogues, a series of eight full lengths that veer from minimalist composition to something more fully developed.

Used in everything from The Dark Knight to Sopranos, his work has seeped into the public consciousness in an under-stated but highly effective manner.

New album 'The Cage' arrives on March 9th (pre-order HERE), and it developed from an intensely personal place in the composer's life.

“‘The Cage’ is where I have subconsciously imprisoned myself emotionally for years” says Bob, “By keeping out ‘negative’ emotions I have felt safe, but ultimately made myself unapproachable to others, and myself. I had the idea that instead of trying to escape this Cage I should enlarge it to include all emotions, feelings experiences and people - if EVERYTHING is in the Cage then I am more free than if I were keeping all influences out.”

New track 'Inner Mind Sigh' gives a signpost of what to expect, with the languid, emotional production matched to a highly developed emotional sense.

We're able to premiere the full video, and it's a beautiful example of the sheer artistry that drives Bob Holroyd's work.

Tune in now.

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