Electro-pop newcomers from Lapland...

On the surface, Blänk have a wonderfully open, lush, melodic grasp of electro-pop dynamics.

But beneath this, the trio’s songwriting has hidden depths, both emotionally and in terms of their influences.

A reclusive three piece from Lapland, the group have already earned acclaim in Scandinavia. Production wise, Blänk owe a debt to 90s R&B alongside classic synth pop sound, while lyrically the group are unafraid to lay bare their emotions.

New album ‘Built For Northern Lights’ is due to be released in March, with Clash able to premiere the video for lead single ‘Tears Run Dry’.

Beautifully etched, the track matches a confident, wilfully experimental arrangement to some heartbreaking lyrics.

Check it out now.

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