Deliriously inventive, and thoroughly pop...
Beaty Heart

Beaty Heart have been based in South East London for years now.

The area has undergone a lot of changes in that time – some good, and some bad.

One obvious facet of ongoing gentrification is the price of property, and the impact this has had on the area's creative community.

At one point, Beaty Heart found they couldn't afford a proper rehearsal space, so ended up in a friend's basement. It's here that they began crafting new material, with dust lingering in the air after each note.

New album 'Till The Tomb' will be released on July 29th, while Clash is able to premiere the video for new cut 'Soft Like Clay'.

Directed by the band's own Charlie Rotberg, it's a typically colourful clip to back a song rich in imagination. Oddball synths, chaotic melodies, and a sharp sense of wit turn 'Soft Like Clay' into an infectious pop banger born from an alternate dimension.

Beaty Heart explain:

“The lyrics were a reaction to the constant anxiety and tension which many artists experience as they attempt to forge a path that conflicts with the expectations and demands of society, or reality. If you read the lyrics based on that information, you might perceive a slightly defeatist atmosphere, suggesting a readiness to submit to these demands. But an alternate interpretation portrays a person willing to change and adapt positively to the influence and love of another.”

Check it out now.

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