Apeman Spaceman
Dirty, nasty indie rock...

Apeman Spaceman make dirty, nasty rock music with an indie bent.

The band's debut EP is forthcoming, with new single 'Have Not Love' acting as a remarkable statement of intent.

The track has already caught the attention of film director Ben Charles-Edwards and actress Sadie Frost, who work with the group on new visuals.

'Have Not Love' stars Sadie Frost in the leading role, and it flips an Alice In Wonderland type story on its head.

Instead of being entranced by the strange, evocative creatures she meets, Sadie destroy them. Frontman Johnny Cooke explains:

"This song is a non-love song. It's about that darker side, that loves a bit of self harm and can't keep its pants on. And the bass line wrote the lyrics."

Watch it now.

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