Joyous, elegant pop from the Stockholm project...
Anti Pony

In an age when content is churned out ad nauseam and tastes change every week, Stockholm’s Anti Pony are curiously resplendent and hard to forget. Exploding out on SoundCloud in an orgy of atavistic abandon a couple of years ago, their debut single ‘Cry On The Floor’ sounded like a feral deep cut from some obscure sixties lysergic garage rock record.

Principally, though, they’re a pop band, and if latest single ‘Broken Dreams’ is anything to go by they’re potentially an important one at that. This is the sound of Anti Pony growing into themselves and finding a niche only they can fill. With such immediate and effortless hooks over its four minute runtime you’d be forgiven if you thought writing elegant pop was easy.

Tune in below.

Catch Anti Pony online HERE.

Words: Tim Hakki

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