A woozy, hypnotic offering...

Aniseed isn't a group in the traditional sense.

A continually fluid project, their material matches loops of speckled guitar against found sounds, drifting melodies, and pop elements.

New EP 'Geranium' is out now, a curious beast that drifts into pastures of pure creation while retaining odd, extra-dimensional sonic hooks.

Standout track 'Crabshells' was reminiscent of Bibio in its use of guitar loops, that curiously revolving pattern building into something overwhelming.

We're able to share the full video, with Chloride City label owner + video director David Drake explaining:

"With the artwork on this EP we wanted to create an analogue interpretation of distortion and glitch in order to compliment the sound of the EP - so we shot an arrangement of geranium flowers through a reflective material."

"For the video, we wanted to work with the same material again but we didn't want to create anything overly structured - so we opted for something more dreamlike and ethereal. We lined an entire studio and filmed a dozen or so people walking through it, using a lighting configuration that would create the sort of bounce you'd get off of a body of water. We used a different set up in order to create the silhouettes, which a reference to the opening sequences of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive."

Tune in now.

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