Taking centre stage for the first time...

Now here's a thing: rising alt-pop force Alyss has never actually appeared in one of her videos.

Sure, traces of her influence are there, shades of her suggestion make it to the final cut, but she's never taken centre-stage.

Until now. New single 'MisKayani' seemed to demand it, with Alyss pushing every ounce of her being into the song.

The visuals place her front and centre, a stellar performance that matches the symbols placed throughout her lyricism.

Alyss explains: "We wanted to create a visual depiction of MisKayani, to bring its energy to life in some way and to honour the symbology that felt connected with it... we worked really closely on this one, from making the props together on my living room floor, to sitting in the studio am - pm co-directing each frame together from start to finish..."

We've got first play of the video - tune in now.

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