Glasgow rock outfit with a flair for individuality...
Algernon Doll

Glasgow has always been a rock city.

Sure, it's trendy indie and electronic offshoots may capture the headlines but Glasgow has proved adept at fostering a unique rock sensibility. Hell, AC/DC's Angus Young was born here.

Algernon Doll make rock music, but this isn't some arena bluster. New album 'Omphalic' is packed with ideas, with shades of post-hardcore or even the early phase of what would eventually be known as emo.

Sloping, acerbic guitar music, the band's ready wit and off kilter rhythms recall Pavement or even current darlings Cloud Nothing.

For those just getting acquainted with the group, Clash has a treat. 'Candy Striped' is already a live favourite, and sits as one of the centrepieces of recent LP 'Omphalic'.

Given the visual treatment, the imaginative, DIY nature of the video echoes the music itself. 

Tune in now.


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