Alexander Wolfe
It's a beautiful, bracing live session...

Alexander Wolfe tends to jot down inspiration wherever it strikes.

The songwriter's phone is a mesh of memos, ditties, and short voice recordings, providing a bedrock for his work. This is how new EP 'Your Love Is A Wheel' began.

Slowly assembled, it hinges on beautiful, bracing new song 'Oslo'. "For a while 'Oslo' was just a voice note on my phone," he reflected recently. "There are about a million voice notes on my phone, just little snippets. Melodies, verses, ideas etc... They’re often named after where they were recorded, so they’re called stuff like ‘Berlin’, ‘New Cross’ or ‘The Bath’. I usually change the name but this one stuck."

A song that built around "a certain absence" the sub-zero temperatures of the titular city provide a unique sense of atmosphere, a unique landscape to explore.

"The song is about loss and grief," he continued. "It’s about that feeling that comes with the realisation that a person you cared about is gone for good. It’s about not wanting to be deleted. Hoping that each of you left your mark on each other and that despite everything it was worth it." Clash is able to premiere a stunning live version, recorded at Dean St Studios in Soho, "in amongst all the sex shops where Bowie and T Rex used to record".

A heart-stopping performance, you can check it out below.

Check out Alexander Wolfe's new EP 'Your Love Is A Wheel' in its entirely below...

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