Deft post-punk with added colour...

Adiam has always had an inquisitive mind.

Essentially rooted in post-punk but with an intelligent pop edge, her work embraces fresh ideas while decrying borders.

Noted for her work with TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek, Adiam has always sought out like minds and capable collaborators.

'Follow Me' finds the musician working alongside Jazz Purple, lending some curious new tones and textures to her music.

Adiam explains: "I've been following and listening to him for quite some time. Later on we introduced ourselves on Instagram and the rest became magic. Shout out to Jazz Purple for coming through and making one of my absolute favourite remixes. It’s magic, I love how you turned it into a feature. So happy to have your beautiful voice on it!"

An enthralling pairing, 'Follow Me' seems to become much more than the sum of its part.

Check it out now.

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