"Now it’s 2019 and things aren’t looking very good..."

New York group Pill dropped their second full length album 'Soft Hell' last year, just as the temperature was beginning to drop.

Fusing caustic songwriting to all out noise, the band's short, sharp blasts seemed to design to wake you up from some long-held slumber.

Hitting European shores, Pill will play a short burst of UK shows later this month, and have decided to share the animated video for album highlight 'Dark Glass'.

A study in modern dystopia, 'Dark Glass' is a cry of protest at this shit world we're in right now, a blast of defiance against far right nationalism.

The clip itself is a superbly well designed animated venture, deftly picking apart current events. Pill explain...

When this song was written in 2017 the US government was interning immigrants at the border of Mexico and deporting people who had lived on US soil for decades. Nazis, fascists, and white supremacists were demonstrating openly, even killing people in cold blood on the street. The police were, and still are, actually shooting men dead and then blaming the victims afterward. The tone of the new President was ignorant at best and at worst agreeable to these outrageous events.

Now it’s 2019 and things aren’t looking very good but, maybe we’ve dug into our bunkers a little more and are better prepared for the absolute bonkers shit Trump manages to spew. Looking through a dark glass is our magic spell to cut through the veil of smoke that the media, the government, and namely the Republican Party, use to control us and tell us that they know how to run things. They don’t, they’re terrible at it.

Bailey Elder, our amazing animator, captured our vision of a dystopic dream world where demons and their servants play us like fiddles. Take what you will from it. Maybe smoke some weed before you watch it lol. Nobody owns u. Love PILL.

Tune in now.

Catch Pill at the following shows:

26 London Shacklewell Arms (Labelmates)
28 Manchester The Peer Hat
29 Glasgow Glad Café
30 Bristol Hy Basil - FREE

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