Digital Mystikz producer speaks...

Bass culture has always encompassed much more than just music.

After all, the suggestion of infinite space can be a mind blowing concept. With dub spiralling off into the infinite reaches of the conscious mind, it's only natural for the DJ, the producer, the audience to begin to look inward.

Which is probably what adds such depth to Mala's music. Sure, the South London producer is a rhythmic expert, capable of re-casting roots syncopation into an ultra-modern, tech-driven framework.

But he's also capable of suggesting aeons of inner peace with little more than a repeated synth line. Set to play both Outlook Festival - and it's partner Dimensions - this summer, Mala agreed to take part in a short filmed interview.

Chatting with Gabriel Szatan, the video was shot by Rob Davies. Typically serene, the Digital Mystikz beatsmith opens up about his own attitude to music, his production style and much, much more.

Watch it now.

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Full Outlook Festival details can be found HERE.


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