Check out the latest single from this Berlin based artist...

O-SHiN needed to re-connect.

The Berlin based producer was tired of city life, finding the continual metropolitan rush antipathetic to her creative needs.

Invited out to the Swedish countryside with friends, she seized upon the offer and left - if only for a while - the city crunch behind her.

New single 'Aimless' was born from those long days and productive nights, an inspiration time in her life.

A beautifully composed return, it's reminiscent of time spent with friends, the carefree electronics mingling with stellar melody.

O-SHiN explains: "I found myself caught up in the thought of how many people have walked on this earth and are totally forgotten. Only a few famous names will be remembered but the majority are completely gone. And it’s most likely this will be us in a few generations. Still so many of us feel the urge to do something meaningful with our time on earth - 'Don’t let me go nameless ' don’t let me die aimless’”.

We're able to share the full live visuals - tune in below.

Catch O-SHiN at the following shows:

30 Berlin Auster Club

24 Berlin Kater Blau (EP RELEASE)

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