Born from isolation...
Novo Amor

Ali Lacey isn't used to large cities, to the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life.

The Welsh born songwriter grew up in the countryside, and seems to prefer isolation. Recently retreating to the Lake District to focus on new material, the rising artist then laid down those musings at his home studio.

Brooding, meditative fare, new track 'From Gold' has emerged online. It's an imposing introduction - using the name Novo Amor, Lacey's voice is soft yet effective, delivering a knockout emotional blow.

The arrangement is sparse, with deft acoustic guitar underpinning Novo Amor's devastating delivery.

Watch the video now.

- - -

'From Gold' is the first hint of Novo Amor's new EP 'Woodgate, NY'. Available from March 31st, the release will be handled by Bergen, Norway imprint Brilliance Records.

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