Rising hopefuls from the North of Scotland...
Neon Waltz

On the surface, Neon Waltz could seem like just another bunch of indie hopefuls.

Dig beneath this, though, and there's something remarkable in there - a true diamond in the rough. Unlike the rather wafer-thin indie hype stories we've been fed these past few years, the band seem to have some substance, the will to do something different.

They cover Deerhunter, they worship at the throne of lost Liverpool legend Michael Head and they play secret shows in an abandoned castle turned arts commune.

Freswick Castle lies in a remote location, not too far from John o' Groats. Accompanied by Far North films, Neon Waltz played a special performance there last week, a final salute to friends and family before heading back out on tour.

Caught live, it's a tantalising prospect. 'Sundial' has that 'Nuggets' style Vox organ sound, chiming guitars with a stuttering, almost Beefheart style rhythm and an epic, soaring vocal.

It's not perfect - no band at this stage is - but there's something in there, an unerring, youthful charm which pushes aside those early doubts.

Check it out below.

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