Ahead of their new album...

Mazes are shifting, changing.

The band's debut album was a sprawling, jagged mesh of alt rock riffs and stop-start drumming - a real thrill, for sure, but one with limitations. With the release of their second album, Mazes look to have surpassed their influences, transgressed the expectations they placed on themselves.

Out on February 18th, 'Ores & Minerals' is an ambitious return. Melding together the promise of their debut with a keen sense of exploration, Mazes have fused those angular riffs to distorted tape loops and hints of Krautrock rhythms.

But don't take our word for it - listen to Jack Cooper. "We set about trying to make a record that was far more original and broader than the first one... a representation of all the things that inspired us rather than a small portion. We began writing with us in mind...playing to our strengths" he commented recently.

"Without saying 'there's always been a dance element to our music', I think we wanted to write songs that people might be able to move to, if the mood was to take them and there's something incredibly satisfying in repetition."

Shot by Fat Cat, ClashMusic have been handed a stunning live session. 'Slice' is the penultimate track on 'Ores & Minerals' and this live version finds the band stretching out, shifting past their influences to discover their own voice.

Watch it now.

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'Ores & Minerals' is set to be released on February 18th.


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