It's a techno-heavy spoken word thumper...
Marcus Marr (Credit: David Sessions)

Marcus Marr's journey has already taken him across Europe.

With many late-night Berghain sessions under his belt, the DJ-producer recently returned to Brixton to find renewed focus.

Often working late into the night, Marcus Marr began matching his club-heavy influences to murky sections of spoken word, channelling some mischievous spirits in the process.

“It was sounding quite sinister as I was making it, and I thought a voice would sound good on it,” recalls Marr. “I was reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Kafka’s Metamorphosis as well...”

Intrigued by the idea of 'familiar spirits' - the occult animals used by Medieval witches - his vocals veer from a shattered somnambulist mindset into something more spectral, eerie.

New EP 'Familiar Five' arrives via DFA on February 2nd (pre-order LINK), but we're able to share the title track before anyone else.

“It’s about being a freak and accepting it – being happy to be a freak,” Marcus explains. “We’re all freaks to a certain extent... You might have something wrong with you in society’s eyes, they might say you don’t fit in, but that doesn’t mean that you should be afraid or shy or hide away because of that. In fact, you can use it to your advantage. It can be an advantage to be a freak.”

Tune in now.

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