A Scottish producer with an expansive touch...

MAKENESS hails from the Outer Hebrides, but is now based in London.

There's still a taste of the Scottish isles in his music, however. Techno music's short, repeated phrasing is viewed through an outsider lens, the wide open spaces of his youth re-emerging in the imagination.

A new EP is incoming, with MAKENESS placing new cut 'Rogue' online. It's a fascinating offering - moving from glitch electronics to a funky bass, the slight syncopations are reminiscent of a crofter's reel filtered through tomorrow's technology.

MAKENESS explains: "I made this track in winter in a stone barn in Scotland in the middle of nowhere. I was in between places at the time which I think comes across in the music; the idea of having two realities clashing and not being able to work out which one is real. The track feels like a physical journey to me and I wanted to reflect this movement in the video."

Check out the video for 'Rogue' below.

MAKENESS will release his new EP on November 9th.

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