It's another sign of their incoming album...

machineheart's potent pop vision isn't something to be shrugged off easily.

Blistering electronic production matched to spiky, endlessly intense riffs, the four-piece are a stellar live attraction.

Working relentlessly on their songwriting, machineheart will drop a full album next year, amid mounting international hype.

New single 'Let You Down' leads the way, emblematic of the stylistic shifts within debut album 'People Change' but enjoying an identity of its own.

machineheart's Stevie Scott explains: “We loved the idea of titling our debut album 'People Change' because it was so multifaceted. On any part of the spectrum, whether for better or worse, close or apart, with or without, it was still true... people are always changing. We changed. We watched people around us change. We grew out of old parts of ourselves and into new ones. It was difficult and stretching and freeing and beautiful.”

The single itself comes with this neat visualiser, expanding on machineheart's universe while remaining true to the song's central vision.

Stevie continues: “I think ‘Let You Down’ really set the scene for the overall direction of the album. When we wrote it, the emotions were right under the surface and it only took 30 minutes. It was one of those magic music moments you wait for. And it perfectly encapsulated how we were feeling right then in that moment; raw and tender. I still get teary when I let myself really, truly listen to it- to let it just swallow me up and envelop me. It’s beautiful and gentle and sad all at once.”

Tune in now.

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