Welcome to Gunshotta Ave.

There's a darkness inherent to much of Machinedrum's output.

Sure, the American producer is bright, buoyant in interview, but his music has a velvet edge, a sense of melancholy which can't be shrugged off. Perhaps it stems from his debt to jungle, or perhaps it's from a more inherent sense of dytopia.

New album 'Vapor City' is based in a dream world, a warren of Futuristic streets which the producer would encounter in his dreams. Standout track 'Gunshotta' is already online, with its bass reverberations matched to footwork levels of frenetic tempo.

The video for 'Gunshotta' follows a group of feral teenagers living on Gunshotta Ave. Living in near permanent darkness, the clip follows them as they re-invent their surroundings with graffiti, before descending into an existence fuelled by violence and the absence of meaning.

Heavy stuff.

Watch it now.

- - -

'Vapor City' is set to be released on September 30th - 'Gunshotta' will be released as an EP on October 14th.

Machinedrum is set to play the Village Underground in London on November 8th.

Photo Credit: Andrew DeFrancesco

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