'Dear You'
Starring Thomas Turgoose...

Mental health amongst young men is still almost a taboo issue in some circles.

The suicide rates for young men in this country are truly heartbreaking, so the more we talk about this issue the more men will (hopefully) feel able to talk about their problems.

Lucy Spraggan tackles this head on in her moving, poetic new cut 'Dear You'. Emotionally candid and highly intimate, it's a gentle yet wholly devastating work.

Lucy: “It’s quite a sad story, but mental health is an issue I really wanted to talk about. I played the song on my recent tour, not knowing how audiences would react, but it went down so well that we knew we had to do something with it.”

The accompanying visuals are just as powerful. This Is England star Thomas Turgoose takes the central role, and it's a truly gripping watch.

Check it out now.

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