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Lissie has always done exactly what she wanted.

So when the songwriter became lost in music industry hype, she knew what to do; relocating to the American West, she based herself on a ranch, completely divorced from the rush of city life.

Able to focus on her loved ones, music, and her craft, Lissie has never looked back, building a uniquely impeccable catalogue in the process.

With a new album incoming the American artist is read to share new song 'Best Days', a wonderfully uplifting piece of music.

She tells Clash: "Simply put, 'Best Days' is a song about having hope for the future. On a deeper level, writing the song had me thinking about all of the infinite possibilities life holds, roads taken or not taken and the brilliant surprise of it all."

"When I was little I remember standing in front of the bathroom mirror at my childhood home. There were two mirrors facing one another and I used to stand in the middle and wave my arms up and down and marvel at the infinite layers of me. For my young mind, it got me thinking about all of the endless realities there were."

Lissie continues: "As I’ve gotten older, I’ve romanticized the idea of the many worlds theory and the concept that all of these parallel realities exist simultaneously. In certain realities, I may not even be 'me'."

Robert Stockwell directed the clip in collaboration with the American songwriter, and it shares the song's open optimism. Lissie tells Clash:

"In such divisive times in the world, I also liked the idea of incorporating characters of different ages, gender & races as a unifying thread. We share in our humanity, similar hopes and dreams for brighter futures and I hoped to bring out the universal message of the song this way."

"I see myself and all of my possible selves and possibilities in these characters and as we all face the mirror, can reach through this layer of reality into the next. I always thought that the iris of a humans eye resembled a planet. Each individual inhabits their own world and as the irises morph into planets, we zoom out to see the infinite stack of planets."

Tune in now.

Lissie's new album 'Castles' will be released on March 23rd.

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