Substance and style...

Style over substance, substance over style...

There's a curious dynamic at work in modern music. So much of what makes the charts is flashy, image led - designed to cater for a web based market, the pacing is ferocious, unrelenting.

But there are still artists who resist this. Lissie could easily have been dragged into this blood thirsty machine, but the singer decided to resist. Far too independent to go down this route, the American artist has been able to find an audience for her music through sheer bloody minded determination.

New single 'Shameless' - due for release on June 16th - is in part a reflection of this, featuring her reactions to some aspects of the modern music industry. "We live in a society where terrible behaviour is rewarded with coverage and attention, where celebrity is seen as a talent in itself" she said recently. "I understand the allure of image and of a good story but i sometimes feel like it trumps the content. When i wrote Shameless i'd just been feeling so over how much bullshit style over substance there is to "making" it in this business".

Watch it now.

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'Shameless' is set to be released on June 16th.


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