Taken from the 'Windings' EP...
'Closing Shot'

There's always been an inherently visual quality to Lindstrøm's music.

The Norwegian producer veers from avant electronics to glistening disco, painting strange landscapes in exuberant colour.

New EP 'Windings' is out now, with the impeccable 'Closing Shot' now receiving full visual treatment.

The stunning clip was steered by Oliver Clegg, and it's every bit as mind-expanding as the Norwegian producer's music.

As Clegg describes it: "I wanted to make something that could stand alone as a piece of work aside from the context of just listening to the music. So whilst the video strives to respect the cosmic nature of the music, there is also a more subtle twist at the end that suggests a wider commentary - something one would never get from just hearing the music without the visuals. It’s simultaneously serious and respectful with hopefully some splashes of humour!"

Check it out now.

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