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Lily Allen

To echo classic Western movie 'Unforgiven': Lily Allen ain't like no more.

Tired of the rigours of the music industry, she said 'ta ta' following the outrageous, runaway success of 2010's 'It's Not Me, It's You'. Opting to raise a family, Lily Allen said her goodbyes and left.

Until now. Leaping back into the saddle, Lily Allen returned to the studio with a new album set to emerge in the New Year. Soundtracking the much-discussed John Lewis Christmas ad with an angelic Keane cover, Lily Allen is now ready to show off her cheeky side.

'Hard Out Here' was trailed with an online treasure hunt, with the video being unveiled a few moments ago. Opening with Lily Allen on the surgery table receiving treatment - ahem - down below, both the track and video pull no punches with their depiction of a male-led entertainment industry.

At one point carrying balloons stating 'Lily Allen Has A Baggy Pussy' it's an explicit, hilarious return.

Watch it now.

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Lily Allen is set to release a new studio album next year.

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