'Stay High' co-stars Terry Crews...

Brittany Howard should need no introduction.

The bold, soulful voice behind Alabama Shakes, her incoming solo record 'Jaime' could be the most revealing glimpse we get of her life to date.

Out on September - pre-order it HERE - it's led by blistering new single 'Stay High', a scorching, extremely emotional piece of Southern soul.

“It’s my first time making decisions on my own, being the captain of the ship,” she says. “It brings up existential questions—why am I here, why do I do this? People think that touring in a band is super-fun, and it can be, but nothing about it is normal. You miss out on a lot of stuff, so I need to make sure I’m doing it for the right reasons.”

Kim Gehrig directs the new video, and it features an appearance from much-loved American actor Terry Crew. How did it come about? Well, Brittany simply sent the actor an email, and he agreed.

Terry Crews recalls: “I got an email from the Brittany Howard, asking me to be a part of a song she wrote that was all about her dad and how special he was to the family. And she poured her heart out in this letter. I couldn’t believe it, Brittany was like, ‘we can shoot it in L.A.,’ and I said, ‘No, I’m coming to you, we’re going to Alabama. We’re going to where you grew up, to where your family is.”

A beautifully realised clip, you can check out 'Stay High' below.

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