Death To Molly...
Kendrick Lamar

Hip hop and drugs have a long, illicit history.

From chopped and screwed to trap, drill rap to cloud rap numerous sub-genres, niche styles and regional variations have enjoyed some degree of chemical enhancement.

However the speed by which 'molly rap' has taken off as a blog term has taken even us by surprise. Barely even a genre, it simply unites rap tracks which reference MDMA - or its American slang equivalent 'molly'. 

Kendrick Lamar is ever aware of trends, developments and cutting edge terms, and decided to place a surprise sign at the end of his new video. Stand out track 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' receives the visual treatment, with a draped-in-white Kendrick Lamar attending an unusual funeral.

Baptised in a pool of alcohol, the video ends with a simple sign: Death To Molly.

Watch it now.

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