Directed by Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang...

Kelela has shared the breathtaking video for new track 'LMK'.

The American artist's new album is incoming on Warp, and it finds Kelela taking that creative dynamic to the next level.

'LMK' leads the way, with Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang crafting the visuals.

Raising the bar in every sense, there are shades of Janet Jackson's sublime pop futurism allied to an embrace of the UK underground and cutting edge technology.

In short, it's superb. Andrew Thomas Huang explains: "We wanted make a video that showcases the multiplicity of who Kelela is and who she has the potential to be. The video is essentially a grand unveiling featuring Kelela wearing different wigs and guises as she pushes through the club with her friends, ultimately revealing herself at the end of the video."

"The message of this video is empowerment: it's for the girls, for anyone whose heart has been trampled on and deserves to go out and feel good about themselves. It's a call to action, demanding to be taken and to be quick about it. This is the reason why we love Kelela - she's making herself vulnerable and kicking down doors in the process."

Tune in now.

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