It's a heart-wrenching, soulful piece of R&B...

R&B artist Jonah Mutono has dropped a serene, nature-filled video for his soulful ballad ‘The Low.’

The video feels intimate, filled with shaky filming and close-up shots. Nature is at the forefront, with footage of waterfalls, branches, and rivers filling the screen. Amongst the beauty, Mutono hides behind a mask made out of a tee-shirt, hinting at the fact that the track is about a secret relationship. “I really can't take you to my mama / She couldn't bear / Waiting on 16th at the place we meet,” Mutono sings sorrowfully.

The track includes Mutono’s silky falsetto during the chorus, letting out his built-up emotions on ‘Don't you love and leave / Love and leave.’

In a personal essay, which Mutono dropped with the release of the track, Mutono shared a heart-breaking experience of his secret relationship, hiding his sexuality due to his evangelical Christian upbringing and surrounding community.

“I had just found something tangible that I didn’t want to give up,” Mutono wrote in his personal essay. “Whatever remained of my beliefs, I knew they’d never recover after this. Uganda is still one my favorite places, but with so little exposure, a fear of the LGBTQ community is violently planted in every mind. That fear is hard to shake.”

Turning his emotions into something tangible and beautiful, Mutono uses his affliction to inspire his songwriting, which will be found his the upcoming album, ‘GERG,’ out on May 15th via Island Records.

Watch the video here.

Words: Caroline Edwards

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