Live at the Sebright Arms...
Joe Banfi

Songs don't sit still - as the years pass they shift and evolve, their meanings continually changing, forever in flux.

'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?' is a case in point. Sometimes recorded as 'In The Pines' it has become renowned as a powerful anthem to betrayal, with everyone from Leadbelly to Dolly Parton supplying renditions of the track.

For many, the song will forever be associated with Kurt Kobain. Recorded during Nirvana's epochal MTV Unplugged session, his tortured version has acted as the template for countless covers across the land.

Which is what makes Joe Banfi's version all the more surprising. The Norwich songwriter has added the track to his live show, and seems to have re-invented it from the ground up - using the lyrics as a guide, Banfi adds his own arrangement, a gentle picking sound which adds to the taut emotion of the lyrics.

Shot live in the Sebright Arms, ClashMusic has obtained a session clip featuring Joe Banfi performing a tender rendition of 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night?'.

Watch it now.

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Joe Banfi's new EP 'Nomads' is out now.


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