James Smith
It's a soft but devastating account of heartbreak...

James Smith hails from Upton Park, and almost since the moment he started walking he knew that he wanted to make music.

Signed to a major label at 17, he released his first, vastly successful EP while still only 19, with his precocious talent signalled to anyone who would listen.

Working for himself as well as writing for other artists, James Smith's unrelenting energy finds him spending days, weeks at a time in the studio, searching after that secret lost note.

New single 'Tell Me That You Love Me' is a tender return, the sound of someone experiencing heartbreak for the first time.

Lyrically it picks apart those final few days in a relationship, when the end is drawing but neither wants to admit it.

He explains: "It was inspired by my first heartbreak, something I didn’t want to happen but it was inevitable, it’s the story of our last couple of days together, ‘pretending it’s all alright’. Hearing the band and gospel choir for the first time completely blew my mind."

We've got first play of the video, a beautifully shot and strikingly simply clip, featuring James Smith alone at his piano.

Tune in now.

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