Alongside Calexico and Kathleen Edwards...
Iron and Wine

Amidst the schmaltz, the parade of naff which passes for festive fare, one tune always stands out.

'Fairytale Of New York' is an incredible accomplishment, a full blown melodrama absorbed into a three minute (sorta) pop song. Fusing an intimate love affair with a wider view of the Irish-American experience, it regularly tops critical polls to find the 'Best Ever' Christmas song.

Originally recorded back in 1987 by The Pogues and the late, great Kirsty McColl the song has been covered countless times. However this next rendition - recorded at the behest of Jimmy Kimmel - might just top the lot...

Iron & Wine's Sam Beam tackles Shane MacGowan's vocal, with Calexico fleshing out The Pogues' arrangement. Kathleen Edwards sits in, and the interplay between her and Beam feels natural, unforced.

Check it out below.

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