New album 'Going Late' is due next month...

Canadian duo HUMANS make dynamic, other-worldly electronic music.

Pop but not pop, their austere production fuse skeletal structures with lashings of colour, constructing a whole new dimension for their work.

New album 'Going Late' arrives next month, with new single 'Breakfast With Liz' epitomising their wilful refusal to obey the rules.

A slinky electro jammer with oodles of surreal distortion, HUMANS' Robbie comments: “This song is about bouncing around from party to party in the rain. A thing that often happens to the youth of Vancouver, thanks to our thriving underground scene. As these nights can get somewhat out of hand, the simple refrain is a mantra to help keep one grounded.”

Directed by Peter Ricq - one half of the duo - the video takes place in a laundromat, and it becomes a hub for communication.

He explains: “Wanted to produce a video that has numerous HUMANS qualities represented in it; like fun storytelling, strong female protagonist, dance choreography, uncontrollable urges, animation, day dreaming, rebels, love, lost souls and more. This was the most challenging video to date and when your mother says 'I watched it, it's not for me' you know you did it right... we've achieved our goal.”

Tune in now.

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