Directed by Emmanuella Zachariou

The touring process distorts any sense of time.

Sure, it's still linear, but like an over-stretched elastic band it seems to flop aimlessly from side to side, lacking any real tension, any real focus.

Holograms spent a year on the road, and when they returned to their native Sweden the band were little more than exhausted shells. But that isn't where it ends.

Pulling themselves together, Holograms began to focus on new material - material which forms the spine of their new album. 'Forever' is out this week, and features the kind of sharply defined, melodic punk which Husker Du turned into an art form.

Born from suburban frustration, 'Forever' reeks of endless days spent on the road, endless hours spent waiting for the next show. A display of sustained aggression, director Emmanuella Zachariou stepped in to take charge of a clip for album cut 'Meditations'.

It's a confusion of shapes and images, blurred together to craft something uniquely disorienting.

Watch it now.

- - -

Holograms have confirmed the following UK shows:

21 London The Lexington
22 Manchester Soup Kitchen
23 Bristol Start the Bus

Filmed, Directed, and Edited by Emmanuella Zachariou
Special Thanks to San Francisco Art Institute


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