Cute animated clip...

There’s a curious Existential streak running through the North of England.

Perhaps it’s the weather, with clouds driven high above the Pennines showering the land underneath with plentiful water. Or maybe it’s the architecture, with Victorian England’s industrial heartland now overgrown with weeds.

Either way, Heart-Ships have it in spades. The band don’t just write songs, they seem to carve out chunks of emotion from their very soul. Cult heroes in the North, the band now appear to be ready to translate their angst into something universal.

New document ‘EP 1’ is released on April 29th, and ClashMusic have been granted a special preview. Taken from the EP, ‘Five Forks Of Lightning’ is a superb introduction to the band, with Heart-Ships developing a gravitas comparable to The National.

Dense, layered songwriting, it’s been given a clip well worth its emotional nuances. Set in a scrap yard, it’s a cute video which echoes the themes of the song itself – that of finding redemption in the darker moments.

Watch it now.

- - -

'EP 1' is set to be released on April 29th. Upcoming shows:

19 April: Preston, Mad Ferret
20 April: Manchester, Soup Kitchen (RSD gig)
22 April: London, Camden Barfly
4 May: Live at Leeds

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