There's a Haruki Murakami influence too...

Harry Jay-Steele is building towards something.

An artist of real depth and feeling, his debut album - long-awaited by fans - is slated to land this Autumn on Naim Records.

New single 'Wish For One Night' leads the way, a beatific, sumptuous piece of musicality.

The video is enormously creative, a salute to the anime films that fired his imagination as a teen.

Working alongside Venezuelan illustrator Jesús David Mora, the video paints a futuristic Japanese city, and focusses on a young man attempting to find his love.

Harry comments: “It was written in a time of personal turmoil. I was reckoning with a deteriorating mental state and questioning whether I was losing my sense of self in the process”.

The storyline contains echoes of Haruki Murakami, and highlights Japan's high rate of youth suicide.

The songwriter adds: “I wanted to convey these same messages but highlight the universality of this experience across the world”.

An enthralling piece of world-building with a riveting narrative, 'Wish For One Night' is a bold success.

Of the visual collaboration, the songwriter adds: “I got in touch with Jesús after seeing a video he made for another London artist I know, Jaz Karis for her song ‘Sugar Don't Be Sweet’. I wrote the script and we worked together on a storyboard for each scene. Clear colour themes were set and we talked about trying to emulate some of the aesthetic of old anime's 80's like Akira and Neo Tokyo”.

Tune in now.

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