Hannah Trigwell
New album 'RED' drops on August 31st...

Hannah Trigwell knew that she wanted to communicate, that she had something to say, but she wasn't quite sure how to get the message out.

Recording clips and placing them on YouTube, she began using the platform as an idle hobby at first, but then more and more people began to listen.

A global success while operating out of her home in Leeds, Hannah has chalked up bona fide chart hits in Laos and Vietnam, all while refining her own voice.

New album 'RED' arrives on August 31st, an exciting moment for fans, and for the devoutly independent songwriter herself.

New song 'Taboo' leads the way, with Hannah building on her poignant acoustic sound with some daring new elements.

"'Taboo' is probably the first track I wrote for this album but it is one of my favourites," she explains. "After what Ben Matravers (the producer) and Lee Smith (the mixing engineer) have done to it, this tune feels awesome to me. The chorus synth is outrageous and something I have never experimented with before but I love it."

The song is much darker in tone than some of her previous work, a shift in mood that excites Hannah. "The overall dark vibe of this tune is perfect for its story - it’s about loving someone or something you are not 'supposed to' love," she says. "The fact that your love it is taboo. You know it’s seen as a bad thing, but it feels too good to let go of. It’s a bit like an addiction I guess."

"The dark pop production on this track is something that I consider to be 100% who I am as an artist - I love writing stripped acoustic tracks too, but after trying to be one or the other and not feeling totally satisfied, I’ve ended up with real range of tracks on the album. I’ve shown every side of me musically, so I feel like this record has definitely captured who I am as an artist."

A superb return, a sign of her emboldened creativity, you can check out Hannah Trigwell's 'Taboo' below.

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