More live loveliness from Green Man 2013...
Haiku Salut

Haiku Salut are a charming trio from Derbyshire who played their way into Clash's collective heart when they won the Green Man Rising competition earlier this year - read about their success right here

The reward for coming top amongst an array of splendid talent, as judged by a bunch of experts (including one of us Clash types, no less), was opening the main stage at Green Man 2013. And that's exactly what Haiku Salut did, playing songs from their wonderful debut album 'Tricolore' - which earns itself a re-release on November 18th, so pick it up then if you've not already - before one of their biggest audiences to date. Nice work, there.

While on site, the band also performed a special session version of one of their most instantly appealing songs, 'Los Elefantes'. A little bit romantic, yet decidely haunting too, it's the sort of song that one could imagine easily fitting into a Jean-Pierre Jeunet movie. Okay, maybe not Alien Resurrection.

Watch the performance above, and if you like what you hear - and why wouldn't you? - click here to read our Ones To Watch interview with the band from earlier this year.

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