Starring his gran...
'In My Car'

Gold Panda has always been close to his family.

So when the producer was invited to come up with ideas for a new video, he decided to simply pack up, and head home.

The Rob Brandon-directed 'In My Car' takes Gold Panda back to Chelmsford, and even co-stars his gran - Lakhi Shiner.

Gold Panda said: “I asked Rob to just come and film us (my gran and I) being boring. But now, when I watch it back, it doesn’t seem mundane at all. It seems actually really nice and sweet. I was thinking about all this cool stuff we could do, slow-mo shots, what outfit I could wear, maybe an explosion and who could be in my crew. But real life is exciting enough; you just don’t see it when you’re in it.”

The director adds: “I think Derwin and myself are both in an artistic place that is quite real and honest and appreciative and we wanted to shoot a film that reflects that. We both have an odd relationship with Chelmsford and we tried our best to try capture that without being contrived about it.”

Check it out now.

Gold Panda's new album 'Good Luck And Do Your Best' will be released on May 27th.

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