Stripped from his new EP...
Cassy O'

George Ezra is standing on the edges.

Closing 2013 with the release of his debut EP, the songwriter marked himself out as someone who could match a folk sensibility to a pop touch.

All he needs is the right push, the right moment, the right song... Well, 'Cassy O' could be it. Stripped from the upcoming EP of the same name, it's a strident, rough hewn effort with just a touch of gloss.

Steeping in traditional songwriting, it's available for free with pre-orders of the new EP.

Of course, you could just watch the video - which features George Ezra wandering around a family scene, guitar in hand. Does he ever take it off?! 

- - -

'Cassy O' is set to be released on March 16th.

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