An unsettling cult ritual...
'Glad We Found It'

The sheer individuality of GAIKA's seems to draw like-minds.

New EP 'SPAGHETTO' is a remarkable document, traversing digital ley-lines and soaking up inspiration where it can find it.

The Jam City co-produced cut 'Glad We Found It' fuses the starkness of grime with something quite alien, and it's now received the visuals to match.

Awful Records cohort Father directs the clip, which steers GAIKA's music towards the depths of the forest, where a cult ritual is taking place.

Father says: "The initial inspiration came from the movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, when George Clooney encounters the three sirens. I wanted to recreate the outward appearance of great beauty, but still give it a sense of warning, indicating that the subject (GAIKA) was in danger, even though he was seemingly in the safe hands of three beautiful women. The idea then developed further after a conversation between GAIKA, Bobby (DP) and I. We wanted to avoid a typical narrative structure, and focus on mimicking the dark and haunting tone of the track itself visually. Combined with the use of the female siren characters and the open environment of the Georgia woods, we wanted to express themes of isolation, internal struggle, and volatile relationships."

"GAIKA and I first met in Oslo last winter at a music festival. When he reached out to get involved in the project I was instantly intrigued, the track presented an opportunity to operate outside the traditional confines of a "rap" music video - providing a lot of wiggle room for the treatment. Gaika isn't your conventional rap/urban artist, he actively challenges the status quo; I wanted the visual to mirror that."

Tune in now.

'SPAGHETTO' EP is out now.

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