Brixton newcomer...

London is a sprawling mass, a mesh of cultures, languages and people.

Even amidst this chaotic blend, however, Brixton still stands out as being utterly unique. It's a People's Republic, a staunch example of community in the face of consumerism - and it's under threat from developers, planners and modern business.

So it's no surprise to find GAIKA - one of the capital's most creative and confrontational artists - at work in Brixton. Blending the visceral visual power of Basquiat with a dose of Death Grips and Tricky, new track 'Blasphemer' is online now.

The video shows GAIKA stripped to the waist, wearing a ceremonial mask as he thrashes against the invisible cords that strap themselves around him.

Powerful, vivid stuff, you can tune in below.

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