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Tom Odell

Tom Odell seems to have spread quietly, almost surreptitiously.

In person a shy, unassuming young man, the London based songwriter only comes alive onstage. Capable of crafting vast, swooning epics with only a few piano chords, the New Year has found Tom Odell's music infecting almost every corner of the country.

A tie up with Burberry undoubtedly accelerated his success. ‘Another Love’ was hand-picked by Christopher Bailey for the brand’s Spring/Summer 2013 runway, so when the Burberry unveiled its show at the latest London Fashion Week fans could be forgiven for expecting a guest appearance.

Which is exactly what they got. Tom Odell was introduced half way through the show, prompting audible gasps from the audience. Clash Magazine's Online Fashion Editor Zoe Whitfield was present, and stated that the singer's introduction was responsible for "making seats rumble and many a heart swoon".

As for the clothes themselves - "the love heart was the choice motif, appearing across shirts, dresses and in metal form on evening frocks. Rubber replaced foil as the token fabric, a white jacket variation leaving Clash with O shaped lips."

Watch the show now.

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Photo Credit: Neil Bedford
Hair & Grooming: Gary Gill for Monroe using Wella Professional & MAC Pro


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