Flavien Berger (Credit: Valerie Le Guern)
The new video contains "mental, absurd and surreal images with glimpses of truth..."

Flavien Berger makes strange music for strange times.

The French artist's second album 'Contre-Temps' is out now, an experience Flavien himself labels "science fiction music". It's easy to see why.

Peering into fresh dimensions, his off piste synth excursions merge surrealistic pop melodies with devastating use of analogue production.

Set to play a massive London show at the Village Underground on December 3rd, Flavien has teamed up with director Marine Dricot to focus on a new video.

'Castelmaure' is both the name of his new single and the name of a wine he "used to drink while working on this song: the bottle would slowly empty like an hourglass, as night fell outside the small window of my room in the attic."

He continues: "This song is about change, time travel, contre forme communication, all while picturing a castle on the horizon. Once words are missing, the chorus does not express anything any more, but a vocoded message that remembers the 'us' from before, sung by Marc Mélia in a cold and sensual made-up language."

The video airs first on Clash, something Flavien descibes as "mental, absurd and surreal images with glimpses of truth..."

He continues: "I met Marine 'Bilou' Dricot in Brussels, and I already loved her work with music videos. She eventually became a friend, due to the stories we shared together, Then became necessary to create something out of it. She is a tender symbolist, that intertwines mental, absurd and surreal images with glimpses of truth."

"The 'Castelmaure' music video is a raw and emotional collaboration, eyes moistened with wells of warm tears. Throughout this music video, there are some natural accidents, luminous collisions, fuzzy, rocky embraces, and threads of stories to sort out.”

An extraordinary, vivid, trans-dimensional watch, you can check out 'Castlemaure' below.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Valerie Le Guern

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