Grand, sweeping songcraft...
Bear's Den

At first, Bear's Den were scrappy, unfocused.

Displaying boundless potential, the group took time to refine their vision, to set out and define exactly what it was they wanted to achieve. An extensive period of touring seems to have done just this.

Bear's Den have returned with a palpable sense of ambition, with new EP 'Without/Within' gripped by a grand, sweeping songcraft. Taken from the new EP, 'Sahara' is one of the most complete, most fully realised tracks Bear's Den have yet placed their name against.

Opening with gentle, almost psychedelic effects, 'Sahara' then shuffles into rousing folk territory with a chorus which deserves to be sung back at the band by thousands of people.

The video for 'Sahara' was directed by Harrison Atkins, and beautifully melds the music of Bear's Den to gorgeous visuals. The band's Andrew Davie reflected on the video process: "He had a really strong connection to the song and really strong visual ideas for incorporating the idea of a woman afflicted by her memory into the video. Harrison wanted to incorporate a style called 'chromakey' into the video as a way of blending and projecting different colours, tones and footage onto the walls and background images etc. of certain scenes to create a juxtaposition between the character's nostalgic memories and her current alienation".

Watch it now.

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'Without/Within' is out now.

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