Creepy, DIY clip...
'Wisdom Teeth'

Feature are a curiously distinct voice, an East London trio whose off kilter take on the varied strands of Riot Grrl and post-punk (amongst others) is resulting in some entrancing noises.

Crafting new split EP 'Tourists' with touring partners Slowcoaches, Feature have decided to shoot their very own music video.

'Wisdom Teeth' is all dash-along percussion, tumbling voices and buzzsaw guitar, with the trio crafting something lo-fi yet hallucinotary.

Shot by Maria Cecilia, the accompanying visuals are equally lo-fi yet oddly creepy. A pair of quotes -

Maria: "When I was approached to make a video for Feature, the band asked me if I could make it about "Jen's weird hands doing things". Basically it's an in-joke taken a bit too far, something I'm always going to get behind. I really wanted to add some old school effects - making it a quite absurd and surreal without being too serious. Also apparently it's almost the exact same set up as the the Disney film Frozen? Haha. Oops."

Feature: "Jen's twiglet fingers are a constant source of wonder to us; They're always there in the corner of our eye, resting majestically on objects, creeping across tables or wrapped around drumsticks. We felt now was their time to shine".

Watch it now.

'Tourists' is set to be released on April 27th.

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