Produced by Tunng's Mike Lindsay...

Iceland occupies a curious position.

Located on the fringes of Europe, it sits almost half way between Scandinavia and North America. Able to pick influences from both sides, the nation has developed a reputation as a meeting point, as a place where barriers breakdown and creativity occurs.

Tunng lynchpin Mike Lindsay has become a perennial advocate for the tiny island nation, frequently using it as a base for his own endeavours. Earlier this year, though, something special happened - the English producer was introduced to Norwegian artist Farao.

A multi-instrumentalist, Farao is blessed with a gentle, honeyed voice. Able to expand into near orchestral climes, sessions with Mike Lindsay seemed to unlock something special within both artists. New single 'Skin' is a case in point.

Barring percussion, Farao played each instrument on the track which builds up into a sweeping, stirring storm of noise. Beautifully produced, you can watch the video first on ClashMusic.

Watch it now.

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'Skin' is set to be released on May 27th. Farao is set to play the Sebright Arms on May 29th - full information.


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