Hotly tipped Parisian duo...

Music and fashion were always the passion...

...and SALM are a case in point. The Parisian duo have maintained close links to the fashion world, with their pulsating fusion of house and electro pop serving to soundtrack catwalks across the globe.

The pair's debut album dropped back in 2009, and since then SALM have plunged head on into their travels. Taking time off to construct a follow up, the French group are almost ready to unveil the results.

First, though, they have the small matter of a new single to get out of the way. SALM are due to release 'Prophet 21' on September 16th, and it's a stirring return.

The single comes backed with a clip directed by Edgar Marie. Opening with a young girl getting picked up in a club, its fusion of sexuality, violence and psychosis and both shocking and unexpected.

Watch out for the twist in the tale...

- - -

'Prophet 21' is set to be released on September 16th.

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