Whitechapel collective return...

East London might well believe it's the coolest place on Earth right now, but Whitechapel remains rough around the edges.

It's a place where few dare to tread, and those who do often end up treading with a limp. Secluded away in this rag-tag corner of East London, though, Glitches are developing into something special.

Living, working and creating together, the band have an 'us against the world' attitude that is rare these days. Hosting their own Halcyon Nights parties, Glitches have invited along the likes of Beaty Heart, NZCA/Lines, Rhosyn, and We Have Band.

New single 'Only Time Will Tell' drops on July 22nd, with Jen Long's Kissability label supplying support. It's a sweeping, soaring track, one which extends its dynamics into the realm of the epic.

The video itself is a grand affair, opening with Glitches walking through vast fields. Searching through the woods, the band build a vast pyre until the sun comes down and the screen is illuminated in flames.

Watch it now.

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Glitches are set to release 'Only Time Will Tell' on July 22nd.

Single pre-order link.

Catch Glitches at St. Pancras Church in London on July 17th - ticket link.


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